Monday, March 30, 2015

School Holidays- Day 1

Day one of the autumn/ Easter school holidays and it is a lovely day. Overcast and a pleasant 24degC. If the predicted showers would eventuate then it would be just about perfect. Perfect in my opinion anyway. I've even had help in the garden today. Hope has been trimming the roses while I weeded nearby. Doesn't happen often so it's extra nice when it does.

Hope's photo of one of the cosmos flowers. I always tell myself not to plant them because they do tend to take over and self-seed so easily. I didn't plant any last spring and those that did pop up have been well behaved. That probably means I'll sow some seeds next spring and have a jungle of them. Actually I have to sow some seeds of a variegated variety I found on my travels.

I spent quite a bit of Saturday sprucing up the front flower garden. Kikuyu was all over the place but no longer. The dahlias are all staked up and look happy to be free of the weeds and grass that was growing at their feet.

And as a reward for the weeding, some planting. Garlics are in. Watered and waiting on that promised shower of rain to give them an added boost to get growing.
On the crafting front, I've been making a few hexagons for the Lynette Anderson project from Girls day in the Country. It's my first attempt at English paper piecing and so far I'm not a fan. I think my hexies look messy and the stitches are showing too much for my liking. Practice. Maybe by the time I finish the project I will have produced one I'd be happy enough to share a picture of. Maybe!


Chookyblue...... said...

try smaller you have the superior bottomline thread and and glue pen to baste with or are you stitch basting?

Deb R said...

Such gorgeous flowers, loving the colours!
Did you go to Nundle in the Sunday?

Linda said...

Hello Tracy,

Your photos are beautiful. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

Sharmayne said...

The cosmos are sooo pretty! Enjoy the school lhols

knitbakecultivate said...

Enjoy the school hols, I'm so glad they're here finally. The wheels were coming off at out place. I love your flowers, such vibrant colours.