Monday, April 27, 2015

Next month we won't be eating any meat. It's something I started last year- Meat Free May. It may be a permanent change to the diet of some of us but that remains to be seen. Last year Hope couldn't bring herself to give up eating meat but she's a year older and wiser and more adventurous now and she's all for it. Last night she perused some of my cookbooks and decided I should cook this pumpkin and raisin loaf from my River Cottage Veg Every Day cookbook. I'm glad she did, it's delicious and I've already eaten more than I should. I didn't wait for it to cool, these sorts of cakes taste best still oven warm if you ask me.

The recipe is in the cookbook of course but it can also be found here. The only alterations I made today were to use mixed dried fruit rather than raisins and no nutmeg and that's only because I didn't have them in the pantry today. I think it would be good with grated carrot or even apple instead of the pumpkin if they aren't in season.

And why am I making a cake laced with pumpkin?

Well, there are one or two that have broken off the vines so I'm using them up before I'm inundated with pumpkins after the first frost. A simple pumpkin soup for Sunday soup night last night and the cake today. Still half of this pumpkin left to enjoy. I love pumpkin, it's right up there with a load of other vegetables as one of my favourites.

I'm happy to say that today, everyone is well and back to work and school and I bypassed the worst of it with just a croaky voice.



Lynda D said...

I'd have to agree with you. Its my favorite vegetable. I particularly like it roasted, then cooled and served in salad with feta. Or top a pizza base with them and add spinach and pine nuts. Double Yum. You have better stock up on nutmeg if you have a glut coming.


Joolz said...

Thanks for the recipe, I love all those types of loaves. I was thinking cranberries and pumpkin would go together well too!
Glad your household is all well again. Here's hoping there's not a recurrence anytime soon.

Cheers -Joolz xx

Kimberley said...

didn't you guys have a 3 day weekend due to ANZAC Day? I LOVE pumpkin too. Might might that loaf. I could not give up meat.. but good on you!

shez said...

Hi Tracy that cake looks so yummy and Yes I love pumpkin also xx

Lilbitbrit said...

Meat Free May sounds a splendid idea. Always love to see your wonderful garden, and all the goodies you grow. Your bread looks delicious.


flightplot said...

Good for you. I don't eat a lot of meat nowadays. That cake sure does look, and sound, delicious.
Flighty xx

Fiona said...

That cake sounds good.....

Deb H said...

The cake looks great a must try. Many years ago I made a chocolate cake using pumpkin and did so for years, but no longer. Must find that recipe.

Gingi Freeman said...

Ugh, I'm hoping I have your luck.. losing my voice, and I hope it doesn't get much worse! Great blog post my friend! <3

Stop by my blog sometime and say hi, it would totally make my day! Trying to connect with like-minded bloggers! <3 -

Tania @ Out Back said...

I am going to try that cake recipe Tracy, it sounds absolutely delicious.

I have gone meat free for good now. In fact I am now a vegan. Since changing my diet to more plant based, I am feeling revitalised and a new me. I even feel like exercising so it is definitely doing good!


Ruth Millett said...

What is the name of the lovely looking winter squash that you call pumpkin. Looks like there's lots of flesh in those. We grow a similar squash called "spotted hound". Yum.