Thursday, April 23, 2015

My garden therapy

Yellow podded pea seedlings

With all of the germs that are being shared inside my house at the moment, I'm taking every opportunity to get outside and use my garden as therapy for body and soul. I think that's what is keeping me healthy despite all of the coughing around me. That's what I tell myself. I can't believe how poorly the two patients are. Grace has been off school all week which is her first absence from school because of illness in years.

Today it stopped raining and that's a good thing. More rain in a week or so would be very welcome but ideally we will have some sunshine now to let all of the pastures and plants grow. The animals will welcome some sunshine too. Sheep always look so forlorn in the rain. The ducks on the other hand have been enjoying the wet weather immensely.

Radish- Saxa

I love how a drop of rain can make seeds emerge so boldly from the soil. Much better than watering with a hose or watering can. I know it's all about the dissolved nutrients and things like that but I like to believe that is something more mystical and magical in the rain that makes it so beneficial.

And I have some fruit in the garden. I thought I was going to have to wait for the citrus to ripen before I could have something freshly picked to enjoy but no. The alpine strawberry is full of fruit and it's sweet and delicious. I don't think there are ever enough berries though.



Lisa said...

Yes, I've also noticed how differently plants respond to rain, as opposed to just watering.

flightplot said...

We could do with some rain here in the UK as so far this month there's only been a third the normal rainfall.
My ordinary strawberries are starting to show flowers.
Flighty xx

Joan said...

Hi Tracy - Hope your patients get better soon. We have been having lovely weather here at the moment nice and sunny so we have been planting bulbs. Although I think the weather is about to break - rain forecast tomorrow.

Joolz said...

I have been coughing all week too. It didn't feel like a cold but this morning my throat is a bit sore and icky. I'd better get into the old honey and lemon! Hope the lurgy's soon disappear at your place!