Thursday, May 28, 2015

Plant labelling

I like to know what I've got growing in the garden. I have it all written down in a book so I can look at that and for the most part I remember what is what but sometimes I don't. Especially if I have been on a seed sowing spree.
I can and have spent quite a bit of time on Pinterest looking at pretty ways to make labels and markers for plants but the reality is I don't actually follow through with all of those wonderful ideas I pin. One maybe but most likely never. I know me very well. I don't spend too much time on titivation.

I've tried the stamped spoons and I like these very much especially when I take my time and do it properly.

Lately I've been writing on stones with permanent marker. I liked this idea when I first did it but the permanent marker hasn't turned out to be too permanent on the rock surface.

I always come back to ice block sticks. They are easy to be had. The permanent marker stays put even in the rain. They aren't pretty but they are practical and that's what matters most.

The ugliest markers I have at the moment are some reused disposable plastic cutlery. The handles are just right for writing on but you know what? The birds think they are a plaything and pull them out of the dirt. Either that or someone here  is trying to mess with my thinking. I hope it is the birds.

If you have an idea that is pretty and practical and most importantly quick, I'd love to know.



Joolz said...

If you ever get your hands on old venetian blinds, they make good plant labels, cut into short lengths, written on with permo texta.

Kimmie said...

Great idea Joolz :)

Bec said...

I love the spoons,but can see that would be time consuming & you would run out of them pretty soon. I notice you get diggers seeds, do you like them?
I wouldn't mind joining but not sure if I can get the seeds being in WA our quarantine laws are so strict.

Jewells said...

I make those spoons too..then sell them. I go to garage sales and buy the old silver spoons (works best on them), then my other half flattens them, a friend stamps them, then I blacken the words in them... so "I" really don't make them...I organise the making of them. I end up selling them for $4 each or 3 for $10...I think the silver is worth more than that if the spoons were melted down! LOL!