Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Ballet

Apologies if I lured anyone here with the idea that they might be reading or seeing something that involves pirouettes or plies or classical dancing of any kind. I'm talking about Spandau Ballet. What can I say, I'm an 80s girl through and through and fortunately for me I have a partner in my time warp- Grace. I do like other music but 80s music is by far my favourite. 
Pre-concert excitement

 Recently we spent the whole weekend in Sydney and all because our favourite 80s band, Spandau Ballet, was in town. What a wonderful weekend it was too.

We got our tickets early via the fan page so our seats were good. Very good. The music was loud and the show spectacular. I'd definitely go again even if it was next week. I don't think I'd have a choice really. 

Saturday night we spent at Darling Harbour. Yes it's a bit touristy but that's what I am in Sydney now, a tourist. Years ago I worked there right in the thick of the city at Sydney Hospital and you become blasé about the beauty of the city when you see it day in and day out. Now I see it. Even the construction site has some sort of visual appeal to me. As long as they don't mess with those gorgeous historic buildings that are peppered around the busy streets.

And how nice of Darling Harbour to put on fireworks for us on Saturday night. I'm sure the girls thought it was a special event but apparently they are on every Saturday night. I put aside my personal feelings about the environmental impact of fireworks and such and just enjoyed the show.

It really is a nice spot and so busy. My two country girls thought there would be nothing happening once it got dark because nothing much happens here once it's dark, not much is open. They were surprised. It's busier after dark than during the day. That's the city. They want to go back.

Even Tim got something out of the trip. A shopping spree at the beekeeping supplies shop. Wow!

Now I really am going to stay close to home for a while. No more trips until the next one... I promise.



Snoskred said...

I love Spandau Ballet.. :) I love Darling Harbor too! ;)

If you love 80's music, there is this fantastic band called The Villains which played at a local club here recently, they were absolutely amazing. So much so, we are flying in relos from all over Australia for their next show down this way.. :)

They started off with a song by Icehouse called Walls, which sounded more like Pink Floyd to me. They had real instruments and a sound desk, totally old school, and they were amazingly fantastic. Darth Vader was lead guitar, and he wore the entire costume all night, he never took any part off, and most of it was quilted fabric!

I could have sworn that every track they played was from two records I used to play non stop in the 80's. They played Madness, and even a Cure song! They played Gold by Spandau Ballet. It was a very specific time period - from 1980-1988 or so. They played two more recent songs - Mr Brightside by The Killers, and Pretty Vegas by INXS. They did an encore with she blinded me with science and an 80's song I never liked until they played it - underneath the radar.

I've just checked their website to find they've added more shows, which is awesome. There were people there who follow them from venue to venue and while I have never been tempted to do that ever before, this band would be worth doing that.. I don't know if they get up your way at all but for an 80's fan, it would be worth keeping an eye on the website and where their upcoming shows will be..

And now, our Saturday nights Chinese dinner followed by sitting and listening to the band has not been the same since they were the band. They are a hard act to follow.. :)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Sol pleased you had a ball .....I am a 70's girl ... LOL 💗💗

shez said...

hi Tracy sounds wonderful xx

Lisa said...

HA! Did you get my letter yet? Because if you did, you know that I thought you were going to the ballet (never heard of these guys calling themselves a ballet!). Ha! I'm glad you had a good time. :)

Zara said...

A trip to the city is something I enjoy every now and then too. It sure makes me appreciate where I live and the lifestyle I have that little bit more.
Ohh a beekeeping store. How I wish there was one of them nearby.

Janice said...

Wow! What a great weekend. That is my type of ballet. It would have been fantastic being so close to the stage. We love visiting the city every now and long as it is only for a couple of days and we can then retreat over them there mountains.