Thursday, August 6, 2015

Where is my motivation?

I would really like to find some motivation. Mine has got up and walked away. I'm sure it's somewhere. Maybe it is all the fault of the list I made. It's too long so instead of just picking a chore and doing it I umm and ahh and then don't do anything. I keep putting it off until tomorrow which is a big mistake. My excuse today is an injury to my thumb (a nasty cut whilst prepping dinner last night).

I did have a lovely walk around the ram paddocks (while they were enclosed in yards, Roger butts) this afternoon. That wasn't a chore and was just completely and utterly delightful to do. A few minutes down by the creek which is peaceful but not quiet at all. Some clambering over rocks for Grace (home on a study day) and a little time watching a wallaby watching me. Really that's the kind of things that matter. not an endless list of jobs to do which in reality will never end. Chores never do, they are always there and can wait.

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