Saturday, September 26, 2015

Creativity...where are you?

I've noticed something. Of late I have had very little creativity. No crafting whatsoever and almost zero in the kitchen too. I thought signing up for Cheryll's FNwF a few weeks ago would get me moving but no way. In the kitchen, I am doing what has to be done and that's it. Boring! That's not me. I like to try new things, make things and just generally have fun.

My friend Sue told me in a letter to stop looking for my creativity. It will come back of its own accord. Or not perhaps. I think it might be time to try to force the issue a little.

Joan has said at different times she has "lost her mojo" but always seems to locate it and has plenty to show for her efforts. And don't even talk to me about Shez and Jeanette, they amaze me with their creativity and productivity.

I'm trying a new recipe tonight. A cauliflower and coconut tart. Looks good in the pictures and hopefully does justice to the cauliflower because if I grow something and nurture it then I want to make something special with it (if I can). I've never made a tart base in this manner before so that will get some creativity going in the kitchen or have me offering up eggs on toast if it all goes haywire.
Thanks for reading today and looking at my totally random and unrelated pictures from my time in the garden this morning.


Snoskred said...

Sometimes I find I do have to push myself until it happens by itself. :)

I had some lemons and nothing in mind to do with them. I made two new recipes that were epic fails. But this inspired me to keep going, oddly. Normally I would just get annoyed and give up after two fails in a row.. :)

My Pandora Radio played Don't stop believing and it is stuck in my head now.. sometimes I find music can kick my creativity loose.

Janice said...

Just go with the flow Tracy. I think Sue is on the right track with her advice. I'm looking forward to your report on your tart making adventure. It sounds yummy.

Jan said...

I grated cauliflower the other day and fried it gently with shallots in a tiny bit of butter and oil. I like cauliflower a lot, but son really liked this and he is generally not a fan of it. It would make a good filling for an omelette too.

I see you mention a daughter finishing school. My eldest grandchild is entering Year 12. I have no idea how that happened, I remember him as a tiny baby.

Joolz said...

I'm a bit the same. Especially outside in the garden. Beautiful sunny day and I didnt venture outside.

River said...

My creativity is pretty much non-existent, I just get by from day to day.
I love your tulips, what a great idea to put them in the shade behind the shed. Last minute on the run decisions often work out better than you think they will. my own small garden patch is planted with succulents that are still small and will take a few years to grow and spread. I'm impatient, but know I have to wait.