Friday, September 25, 2015

Catch up.

This past week I have had a daughter finish school, chalked up another birthday and best of all, had a visit from my only sister and my nephews. I'm one lucky duck. And oh so happy.

 I did not make nor eat any cake on my birthday. I don't really like cake much at all (and my waist line doesn't need it anyway) . A taste is enough for me. I did go out to our local French café and they provided some very sweet and rich cakes that believe me were best shared. Now if a bowl of soup was on offer, I would have definitely ordered that.

The weather has taken a chilly turn so I've been a little worried about the tomatoes I planted out early. They seem to be fine. As long as there are no bumper frosts then I'm sure they will be ok. Peas and asparagus are powering on which is a good thing. No sign of broad beans as yet, just flowers (hurry up broad beans, I miss you).

This week I have hardly been gardening at all. Visiting and then out and about sightseeing doesn't make for garden time. I'm not fooled, the garden doesn't need me, but I really need it. It is My Place. Today I have the energy and the time so I have planting to do- a camellia for green tea and a tree dahlia tuber and then whatever seeds I think might want to go in the ground. There is no room in the greenhouse until I evict some seedlings so it has to be direct sowing today. Maybe some carrots that Yates kindly sent me. Maybe just pottering about daydreaming until I get too cold.



Joolz said...

Glad you had a nice birthday, especially with family visiting. We are finally getting some warm days (although it was only 13C on Monday, I think!)so the weekend should be nice. I have my Bro-in-laws 60th to go to. I am making his cake so...eeek!
It's a surprise gathering at their beach 'permanent on site van' so my sister can't make a cake without spoiling the surprise so I offered. Should be a good night.

I am yet to get into my garden - yikes, I still have roses to chop back! Hope your weekend is warm and sunny,

Joolz xx

Snoskred said...

I don't even know what happened to the weather but it is making me deeply sad, to have that little burst of warm days where I did not have to put the gas heater on for several days, and now here it is the arctic again!

The cold was bad enough but then today with the rain.. ugh. :(

4 Sunflowers have sprouted. I haz a happy about that.

Janice said...

It sounds like you have had a fantastic time. Happy birthday!