Friday, October 9, 2015


Already it is Friday. I would slow the clock down if I could. It has been a nice week though. Spent mostly at home working and not working. I have my scholar at home studying for those all important final HSC exams. I'm glad she has time for a cup of tea on the porch with me in between studying.

Herb garden this morning

The weather has been hot and dry with a day of gusty southerly winds which dropped the temperatures into the teens during the day. I don't mind a reprieve from the mid-30s degC but I really can do without the wind. It is destructive and will hasten the drying out of the grass and pastures. Today it's back to stinging sun and heat.

I'll tell you what does like the heat we have been having. The lavenders and consequently the bees. I also had a close encounter with a brown snake in the vegetable garden this morning and he/she seemed to be enjoying the hot weather too. I've shuffled the chores around now and mowing is at the top of the list. If there is a snake about, I want to be able to see it. This mornings one slithered away and hasn't been sighted since.

Fragrant Cloud

The harsh pruning I gave the roses last year has really seemed to have done them well. They are lush and have some promising looking buds. A couple of varieties are flowering already- Fragrant Cloud, Grace Darling and Knockout. I'd recommend Fragrant cloud, it's big and showy and has an amazing scent. Just how a rose should smell.

I am also making progress on my large cross stitch. I've challenged myself to stitch 100 stitches a day. It sounds like nothing and doesn't look like much progress but it is all I can squeeze into my day at the moment. I have no idea how long it will take to finish but it's not going to be soon. I'll try to remember to post some progress along the way. If I don't it most likely means I have put it aside again. That's me.



Joolz said...

It sounds like its going to be a bad season for snake sightings! Lots of people have already seen them around here so I hate to think of the dead of summer!
We've never sighted one on our 2.5 acres but Gus has been frightened by a few blue tongue lizards while whipper snipping from time to time.
Cross stitch is a slow, rewarding process and I loved doing it. My eyes are not great for close work now. I have so many UFO's which I'd love to finish - maybe in my retirement years with a magnifying glass!
My knitting project is slow too but I have been saying to myself - okay just 10 minutes - and see how many rows I can get done. It has grown quite a bit in the past few days!
Enjoy your weekend, I hope your scholar is coping okay with the study. I've got Bri coming home for a few days so that makes this mumma bear very happy. :)

Cheers - Joolz xx

River said...

I have cross stitched exactly three things in my whole life. An initial for my jacket, an initial for some one else's jacket and a tiny, tiny Christmas tree that was framed and sent away as a gift.
I love your herb garden.

Kimberley said...

i could not handle snakes...I have a cross stitch I need to get back onto. J has important exams for a month starting on Tuesday.. he was out with mates today and is always laid back about any exam. The mother on the other hand is already freaking out about her ONE exam a month today!

Janice said...

Yuck. Snakes are not my favourites. Take care out there. Nice to see roses flowering. Our one solitary iceberg has quite a few buds but too early here yet for flowers. They do appreciate a harsh pruning. Now ther will be the challenge of keeping the water up to everything. Have fun.

Lynda D said...

I think my Mum has retired from cross stitch at 86 and i know she has a beautiful cross stitch frame with a big magnifying light. Im not sure what happened in the big house move last month, would you like me to ask about it?

FlashinScissors said...

Hi Tracy,

Looking forward to seeing your progress with your cross stitch.

Gosh, how scary that you have to worry about snakes! And there's me talking about badgers digging the garden up in the night!

Stay safe!

Barbara xx

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Thanks for the recommendation on the rose Tracy, I was tossing up wether to add that one to my garden :) Will go ahead and get it now.