Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Selection- poppies

I'm a little weary today. I've had a nap but I think good, proper sleep might be the answer. Anyway, I am joining River with her Sunday Selections. Posting some photos I have taken that thus far I haven't found a place for on the blog.
My photos are of my Flanders poppies in various stages of development. I will admit here that someone might look at my poppies in the vegetable garden and think they are weeds because they in true poppy style, pop up here, there and everywhere. I will mow around them and the best specimens this year are growing amongst the onions or maybe it is vice versa.

Of course the flower is the pinnacle of poppy desirability. So lovely and delicate looking which belies its hardiness and ability to survive (and spread).

The unopened flower head. Well it is kind of weird and a little rude looking (maybe that is just me). I prefer to call it interesting and bizarre.

Finally the seed pod. They look so alien-like. This one is fresh and the seed pod hasn't dried out yet. I hope I remember to pick some before the seeds spread naturally because I would like to sow them in a few different spots next season. If that fails then  will just replant any self-sown plants. They do very well that way too. A greenthumb is not a prerequisite for growing poppies.

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Lisa said...

Tracy, I didn't know you had started blogging again! And it looks like you didn't stop for very long. Where have I been?

Cath said...

beautiful! I have seen tv gardeners slip the foot of a nylon stocking over a seed pod and secure to catch the seeds as they leave the pod....wonder if that would work on the poppies! Cath@Home

Snoskred said...

I planted poppies one year and was taken aback by their oddness. :) I did enjoy the flowers greatly.

River said...

I love poppies, but have never planted any, I think my current garden patch is too small to withstand the onslaught of seeds popping up everywhere. One of my children has a home in the Adelaide Hills, and she grew poppies all around her lawn one year. The next year there wasn't much lawn to be seen, it was mostly poppies.

Tania said...

I love the beautiful red of the delicate poppy, so pretty :)

We have a wild poppy that grows around here, it is dark pink in colour.


Lynda D said...

What a strange pod for such a beautiful flower. Love the colour.

Jodie said...

Poppy's truly are stunning flowers aren't they Tracy!
Gorgeous photos capturing their beauty...

Jodie xx

kiwikid said...

Beautiful pjotos Tracy....I tried to catch seed by puting a paper bag over the drying seed heads....kind of worked!!