Monday, November 9, 2015

My garden is a jungle

I've been away hence the lack of posts. To Sydney and Wollongong and back to my overgrown garden. well I did say I wanted a food forest.

Like with all trips away, there seems to be lots of catching up to do at home so I might still be missing for a day or two while I get things sorted.

It's good to be home.



River said...

That's a jungle alright. Lovely and green though.

Lynda D said...

I think a few goats would sort that out. Penned, of course. Little raskels that they are.

Sharmayne said...

Hi Tracy, I've also been away taking care of my Dad ...... The weeds have gone crazy here too!!!

CountryMouse said...

That is the way it always goes. Our garden is very jungle like to with the tomatoes going gangbusters.

Joolz said...

I hate the catching up from when we go away and I am away the next three (!) weekends!
And nevermind, the weeds will wait for your return!

africanaussie said...

Gosh that will keep you busy - welcome back.

FlashinScissors said...

Hi Tracy

Hope you had a great week, and it's nice to see you back!

Did you manage to find lots of veggie places to eat!

Barb xx