Sunday, December 13, 2015

Apricots and such

Random flower picture

Apricots, apricots and more apricots. 20 or so kilograms of them and all ready at once. How fortunate I am to have such abundance and be spoilt with too many fruit.

 I picked them to stop the birds from getting them all. The trouble with birds is that they never eat a whole piece of fruit, they just take a taste of each one and leave the rest behind. I did leave some on the tree for the birds and bats and whatever else might like to enjoy them. I'm not a lover of apricots but I do like them in jam, relish, chutney and so on. Today I have a pot of apricot Worcestershire sauce style sauce on the simmer. I can't say it smells lovely like a pot of jam or even chutney does, just smells very vinegary. I'll make the jam later, it's delicious- apricots, sugar a little lemon juice and not much more.

This week I've been busy with garden and farming activities. Blood donation last Wednesday, Christmas shopping -which isn't proving very fruitful- and generally just enjoying being home again living My life. How has this year sped by in such a flash? These last few weeks are going to pass too quickly for me before the big changes that will occur here in 2016.

I really wanted to have handmade gifts for my family and friends this year but I have been slack. I haven't had the inclination to make things for most of the year. I just keep stitching my cross stitch and knitting a row or two of a dishcloth. It's enough.

Photos on the other hand, I'm always taking those so... I am joining in with Eileen and Joy's Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt. Of course it is not winter here so I may have to be a little creative with some of the prompts or resort to using the alternatives. A scavenger hunt is always fun so why not?

Pots to stir.


shez said...

Hi Tracy wow ,great you got so much fruit, great idea to make sauces and jams ,yes I have also lacked motivation this year and the year has gone so damn fast enjoy your evening my friend xx

Janice said...

Lucky you to have a bumper crop of apricots. Having all the fruit ripen at once certainly keeps you on your toes. Worth it later in the year, though. I'm sure you will end up coming up with some lovely Christmas gifts.

River said...

I love apricots! When they appear in the shops here from November onwards, I wait until the sign says Australian Grown, then buy about three dozen a week until the season ends. Every time I've had amazing taste and juiciness from a batch, I've tried unsuccessfully to grow the seeds. I'm often about to give up and buy a tree, but then I remember all the parrots around here whenever the plums are ripe. Dozens of birds decimate the trees in little more than a day or two.