Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Decorations- new and old.

I do like the festive season. I don't like the commercialism and busyness but the festive season isn't all about that. For me it's about time with my nearest and dearest doing things we enjoy together. No big parties, just sticking close to home. A birthday thrown into the mix also makes the celebrations interesting.
Our Christmas tree is an artificial one. I can't bring myself to cut down a living tree. Some years I buy a tree/ plant to decorate with the handmade ornaments people have given me and then plant that out in the garden after Christmas. That's a bonus of having a big garden. Not this year, it is too dry and too hot and who knows when there will be significant rain. I would like it to be today thank you.

On to the decorations. This is my newest. A nice little felt Christmas tree from Kimberley. Very sweet. Thanks Kimberley.

 My oldest is this little plastic snowflake sent to me back in the 1980s by my penpal, Nena all the way from what was known then as Yugoslavia. I love it. It reminds me of her. That's the very reason why the ornaments given to me by friends are so lovely, they have a story and they make me think of the giver and they are special. Very special to me.

Another oldie, a cross stitched snowman made by my sister. I'm sure I won't be seeing any real snowmen this Christmas so I will use this picture for my snowman image for the Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Cards are slowly coming in this year. Surprisingly, my letterbox has been quite quiet the past few weeks with only a couple of letters and I am all caught up with letter-writing too. Hooray!



Lisa said...

Tracy, I sent you a card, but not a letter yet. :)
Thanks for the birthday and Christmas cards!

River said...

Your decorations are very sweet.
Could you perhaps keep the tree in a shady spot until the weather is cool enough to plant it out?

shez said...

Hi Tracy ,love the decorations and i do hope that you will get some rain.xx

NotThatKindOfFarmer said...

Great article with excellent idea!!!
I am delighted to read this article..thank you for sharing.!!
And Merry Christmas!!!

africanaussie said...

I too love the memories each one of my Christmas decorations brings. Happy christmas to you and yours.

Janice said...

I agree that special Christmas decorations really are wonderful. My oldest dates back to the early 70s. There are many others, special gifts, ones Mick and I bought when we were first married and I'm sure ther will be more special ones added in the future. I can't understand people throwing them away just to follow the latest colour trend. Christmas so much more than that..

Kimberley said...

I might - finally - get the trees from the backyard (one if flowering too0and put it up today! I threw out lots of decorations last year and only kept my favourite plus all the handmade ones too.