Tuesday, December 8, 2015

That and this

 I posted a photo of the vista from my back veranda just over two weeks ago and here it is today dry and brown and hot. The grass in the backyard is still green but I don't think that will last long either. I never water lawns. Never! There does seem to be a little unsettled feeling outdoors today so maybe a storm will blow in and give everything a good soaking. We can only hope.

I didn't join in any swaps this Christmas. My heart wasn't in it and that's a big obstacle to overcome. I am enjoying cruising around other blogs and seeing all of the delightful ornaments and gifts on display. I'm certain I'll be back swapping next year, it's fun.

I may not have swaps to unwrap but I have received a parcel from the lovely Kimberley. We are penpals as well as blog buddies and just simply friends. I have put the parcel up high out of my reach and the cat's so it should be safe until Christmas Day. I'm still writing Christmas cards so I am behind with all things festive including any necessary shopping. I've had a very disorganised 2015 generally speaking so I'm making being organised a priority for 2016.

Can you see the tiny little spider on the flower? I thought he was so clever and sweet when I found him this morning.

It's hard getting back into routine after being away from home but I'm getting there. I think I got used to living the high life, eating out each night and cafes every morning. Now it's back to being my own chef and barista.



Kimberley said...

aw - so sweet! Am spending more on penfriends/friends than any family member this year - cut right back on gifts/list of people who get them.

Must say when we lived in Australia 2002/3 (and a huge drought back then), I could never get over the people watering lawns or hosing DRIVEWAYS either. It used to make me very angry!

kiwikid said...

Summer is coming isn't it!!! Had avery hot day here yesterday, I am very thankful I can got to the beach. Thay everlasting flower is beautiful.

River said...

We had a soaker here a couple of nights ago, so maybe some of that will get over to you.
It's sad to see how quickly our lovely country gets so very brown.