Friday, January 29, 2016

Five on Friday

I am joining in with the lovely Amy for Five on Friday. Not five photos this week for me but rather five good things from my week.

Five Good Things

My library and the books I have borrowed. The required travel guides, some fiction and a memoir or two. I can't afford to buy all of the books I read so I'm glad I have a good library.

Rain. Around 50mm of precipitation this week and the grass is lovely and green and the garden has been nicely watered.

A Chinese New Year card made by my artistic friend Mia. Mia is very clever and I have to say she has the neatest handwriting I have ever seen. I like my card but monkeys still scare me.
Tomatoes. They are aplenty right now and at their peak of quality. Yum!
My sewing machine. I actually spent some time using it. I've been inspired to do some making by Dawn O'Porter's television program This Old Thing.
Not a good thing this week, follower issues with Blogger again.
Hope you can pop over and visit Amy and some of the other participants or maybe join in too.


Linda P said...

You've got an interesting lot of library books there such as Postcards From The Past and travel books. I'm going to try and get out today to send you a postcard. It's very windy out there! Happy armchair travelling, Tracy.

Jan Doling said...

A great selection of books from your library there. I hope you enjoy 'Postcards From The Past', the book is by one of my favourite authors. xx

linda said...

That's a lot of books you have reminded me I have three that I need to return. I think everyone has had issues with the follower thing this week, I have lost about 50 I think. Have a great weekend. :)

helmiriitta 10 said...

I use eagerly libraries, too! No need to buy all the world's fantastic books. Enjoy your travel planning!

collettakay said...

That stack of books makes my heart smile :) I need to dust off my sewing machine... I hope you can stop by:


eclectichomelife said...

What a great wee you have had. I long for the summer and to eat home grown tomatoes again. What a lovely Chinese new year card you received too x

Amy at love made my home said...

Follower issues here too! That is a great selection of books to read for your travels, lots of inspiration and ideas there! Monkeys scare me too! I think it is the fact that they are unpredictable. Thank you for joining Five On Friday, happy weekend! xx

kiwikid said...

Love the library too Tracy, the library bus comes here on a Monday very handy. ....did you know google changed so only people with a google account can follow now? Another blogger in NZ had a problem with her followers disappearing. We will see lots of monkeys this year as it is the year of the monkey!!

ellen b said...

I really like to use the library for book lending. Lately if I buy a book it's usually at a thrift store. Looks like you might be planning a trip to England and Scotland? Love visiting there...
Have a wonderful weekend.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hi Tracy

Learning as much as you can before visiting the UK and Iceland is a great idea - it gives you a starting point of "must see and do" and you won't miss things you want to do.
I use my library too, much as I would love to buy more books, they are just too expensive.
Save your money as the dollar doesn't go far overseas!

We've got tomatoes coming out our ears - especially the beefsteak variety which are huge. I made a very easy and tasty tomato and onion tart - if you would like the recipe Tracy let me know and I'll email it to you!

A lovely post

Bronwyn McConvey said...

I Adore the library. We have a wonderful one here in my town. The kids like to go every weekend - new picture books are always welcome. Have a wonderful weekend perusing all those new reads! XOXO Bronwyn