Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hello 2016

Already three days into the New Year so I am a bit late to say hello for 2016 but I've been away and I have been more than a little bit teary-eyed so that is my excuse. This year I will really keep my blog updated, I have to. My globe-trotting daughter can peek in here from time-to-time and see this side of what is happening at home.

I will tell you, I did cry at the airport. I thought I wouldn't, I hadn't been sooky at all until the afternoon she was leaving. It was all about the business of packing and organising which I have to say is a big task, so much red tape. Hope and I cried, Tim was stoic as always and Grace was surprisingly calm. She'd already done her weeping.

So, 2016, what is in store? I hope to have plenty of adventures and do things I haven't done before. Stick to my mantra of having an interesting day every day even if I have to search for something to make it interesting. I'm going to re-publish the posts which I have privatised because my friends want to read those. I'm going to be posting about my garden, home, cooking , animals, saving money, craft and life in general. So here goes.

After dropping Grace at the airport and a night of unsettled sleep, we decided a trip to The Grounds in Alexandria would be a nice way to start our 'gap year'. It's a really nice space and on a quiet day (if they actually have one) I would really love it. The gardens are great as were the pastries. Coffee was a little ordinary but I'll admit, I am more a tea drinker. Worth a visit.

Of course I'm still sorting out the settings and such on my camera and the colours are still looking washed out. It's on my list of things to sort. It is a long list.

What a great way to house an atm. I didn't use it though. Although I was having a frivolous morning indulging in the cafe culture, I still want to keep a tight rein on my purse strings this year. Tracking spending and just in general trying not to spend too much at all.

Now, we are home. Only one child and I can already hear a difference in the household. Gardens to work on, cleaning and tidying to do and plenty to keep me busy.

Happy New Year


jan2132 said...

It is hard letting them grow up. My eldest, much older than your daughter, is leaving soon for one of the enormous cities in China. He was there a while ago for several weeks, but this is probably three to five months away on business. He has travelled for business before, but there is a lot riding on this trip.

It is raining here with more forecast. It is scheduled to move up the state so I hope you get some. My friends don Yass way had quite a bit which was good as their tanks were close to empty and they hate town water.

River said...

Think of all the lovely letters and emails you'll be getting once your girl is settled, and even before then, I'm sure she will stay in touch.
That lunch area looks fabulous!
Great idea to keep a rein on spending, those ATMs everywhere make it so easy for people to go over budget. I stick with cash, a certain amount per month, when it's gone, that's it until next month. Thankfully I always have enough food.

Eunice said...

It is hard. Our daughter, Liz, went to New Zealand for 7 months, backpacking on her own. She was away over Christmas, so we had a family Christmas on Hallowe'en! She had a great time and saw loads of birds! And recently, as you know, she was away in Glasgow for four months. Not quite the same thing, but we weren't able to see her in all that time. It made Christmas all the more special to have her here.

Tracy said...

It's funny how the dynamics change at home when someone goes away. Our eldest is hopefully going off to uni next year, she's not going too far and this year has been spreading her wings but it does seem strange at home when she isn't here for days at a time and we will all miss her. your blog will be a great way of here keeping in touch with what you are all up and I'm sure she will be posting lots of pics etc on her own social media sites. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog. Than you for signing up to the Send a Little Love Swap xx

Joolz said...

Happy New Year! Oh, its hard when they leave, isn't it? I've had my girls home over Christmas and NY and its been lovely but it is coming to an end. Bri has gone back to work and Kirby leaves on Wednesday. Boo!
I follow Grounds of Alexandria on Instagram and its on my list to visit when we go to Sydney in April. Well, you've set yourself a few goals, I haven't really thought about much. Wanting to be in holiday mode a bit longer but I go back to work today. Double boo!

Looking forward to seeing what you get up to in the garden (oh, my poor garden) and around the home this year, take care...

Cheers - Joolz xx

Louise Jane said...

Happy New Year to you and your family too. It's interesting how the dynamics change within families, even though we only have one daughter. She finished her HSC last year and is having a 'gap year' at home working before she goes nearly 1,000kms away to uni. Just the difference in having her at home at different hours is taking a bit to get used to. I was always of the opinion that she needed to get out and start her life but now reality is starting to set in. Even though it won't happen to this time next year I find myself thinking how quiet it will be here.

I'm looking forward to your updates. Could be bold and ask if you could do a post on how you do your seeds. I've absolutely no luck with my last two lots of seeds. My husband thinks it might be the seed raising mix I use. I'm just waiting for my compost to mature and I will try that next.

Well, I can hear the garden calling and it is a coolish (YES!!) day here so I'm off to get dirty.


shez said...

Hi Tracy,it's hard when your children leave,but time is going that quick she will be back home before you know it. Love your pics especially the one of the ATM in the old phone box ,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

Chookyblue...... said...

waving kids off never gets any easier....sometimes it is worse..........I hate it........what a grand adventure she is on though........hugsxxxx...

Debbie said...

Hi Tracy...this must be so hard for you but I'm sure you'll have lovely chats and catch ups and of course mail. I miss my daughter when she's at University and it's only 40 miles away. I'm sure your daughter will be absolutly fine and what an adventure for her....and your blog will keep her up to date too. Huge Hugs...Debbie xx

Amy at love made my home said...

Happy New Year! I hope that it is a good one for you and your daughter! xx

Janice said...

How exciting for Grace to be off seeing the world, although it will quiet at your home. At least it is really easy to keep in contact now. It looks like you had an enjoyable time while away.