Sunday, February 7, 2016

Friday Sewing- catch up

First Friday of each month is Friday Night with Friends. Cheryll hosts a linkup for stitchers and crafters around the world to get together virtually for some fun. I am lucky it is a virtual meet up because I am  hopeless when it comes to staying up much past 8:30pm so I try to get an early start and still go to bed 'on time'. It usually means I don't get much done but all those little bits of sewing here and there one day add up to be a finished product and I enjoy the process just as much as the end result anyway.

 This month I decided to finally cut into the puffin fabric I received as a Christmas gift. I love puffins! I only had a fat quarter so I wasn't sure how to make the best use of it. A bag, a zipper pouch? I decided on a cover for my journal. I'll take it with me when I go over to Iceland and the UK . And yes, I am hoping to see real puffins when I'm over there.

And, I still have enough of the fabric left over for a small zippered pouch.

 Usually I make journal covers out of a print that has some sort of large feature I can pick out to quilt but this one, I just quilted around each little puffin. Now they are kind of puffy which I like.

As I went to bed on time and didn't start sewing early, I only got an hour or so in of cutting and stitching and procrastinating and chatting so I didn't finish my journal cover. Well how could I, I am undecided about which binding fabric to use. Won't take many minutes to finish though so that's good.
I'm really glad I joined in again this month. Sometimes you need that little bit of motivation to stop and sit and stitch just for fun. Thank you so much Cheryll. Now it's time to check out what all of the other Friends got up to on Friday night.



Karen's Korner said...

Perfect project for your lovely fabric .

Janice said...

How cute. I love puffins. When I was a teenager I won a book week raffle of a poorly handmade giant puffin and it was horrible. My only knowledge of puffins was the book brand and Mum had told me they were a fictitious bird. I was delighted when we saw some nesting off the cliffs of Mohr in Ireland and have seen more in the UK since. I do hope you see some too.

Houseelf said...

Brilliant Tracy! I too am using the FNWF as a way to keep me motivated as I return to Blogland. The journal is a lovely use of the puffin fabric. I hope you get to see them for real on your trip.

Jayne said...

I love the puffin fabric, my Hubby and I go bird watching at the RSPB site near Flamborough in the Uk where we have seen loads of puffins .

kiwikid said...

Perfect idea for your puffin fabric Tracy!!! Looks wonderful.

Erica said...

Your puffin fabric is so cute and cheerful. It would be perfect zipper pouch for creative girl :)