Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wilty and sowing for winter

wilted tomatillo plant

 We have been having the kind of hot sunny days that makes things wilt. Including me it would seem. I felt rather exhausted yesterday and I am a stubborn type so I just can't have that. Much better today even if the tomatillo plants don't agree. I'll use my mind over matter theory to keep me busy until either my energy returns or I succumb completely. I'm healthy, just tired.

Now that school is back and well and truly settled, the work day has more of a routine. I'm back to a gardening schedule to keep on top of things. And as long as I get the outside jobs done before the heat sets in all is good and the afternoons are mine.

This week I've been concentrating on mulching and I must remember to buy some more straw. And although it is hot and dry and really the last thing on my mind is lovely winter vegetables it is time to get a start on sowing seeds of broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and the like. Hard to imagine really but I'll do that this week. Hopefully I can have some success with the sprouts this time, I never get a good crop off those. It is cold enough for them here but then it gets hot quickly and they just bolt.


The heat loving plants are having the best time in the garden. Okra which I grow but I have found I am not a fan of. I might grow it in the flower garden next year, to free up space but still have some just for interest.

Baby/ popcorn

 I planted these miniature corns/ popcorn only a few weeks ago and they are thriving. I've grown popcorn before but not this variety. It was a packet of free seeds from the local library and I'm happy with them thus far.

Tigerella tomato

Tomatoes are at their peak. My favourite this summer is the Tigerella. Well it was my favourite yesterday. A nice medium sized tomato and quite pretty.
Dragons are definitely heat lovers. I planted them in amongst the vegetables this year. I don't know if it helps in any companion planting way but it adds a pop of colour when it is sometimes lacking. Along with sweetpeas, snapdragons are up the top of my favourite flower list. They remind me of the 1970s and I liked the 1970s.
Well, there we go, my tea break is over. Almost. Just enough time to leave a few comments and then get back to the to-do list.


River said...

I'd forgotten snapdragons are heat lovers, I might try a few here next year.
I grew Tigerella tomatoes one year, but didn't get much fruit, I think the seeds were too old. I had better luck with Romas. I keep trying to grow beefsteak tomatoes, but don't have any luck. Perhaps tomatoes aren't my thing.

shez said...

Hi Tracy,your garden is looking fantastic,i am goiung out in a minute to grab some more corn to freeze,i am loving eating from the garden,just made some chicken vegie soup to freeze with veggies from the garden,i need to find a tomato relish recipe to use up my little roma tomatoes,enjoy your gardening my friend xx

Amy at love made my home said...

You have some wonderful fruits, veggies and flowers on the way! It is good to get into a routine isn't it. xx