Friday, April 29, 2016

Five on Friday

Five on Friday once again. Thanks to Amy for hosting and to all of the participants who make it such a nice link up.

This week I have delved into things that I thought were beyond me. Adding programs and upgrading bits and pieces on the computer. Of course it is simple enough if you follow instructions but I'm not renowned for that. And I am quite keen on the status quo when it comes to all things technological that is, I like them as un-technological as possible. Anyway it is done and I am living with the consequences. A different look to the computer and I am certain it is brighter and not quite right. I'm not loving it but I'll get used to it or revert back to the way it was before. We'll see.

Anyway. On to the Five on Friday. I want to share some mail related things . Mostly incoming mail. My outgoing mail this week was a bit boring in comparison. I did do a little bit of envelope 'art'  but I didn't bother to snap a photo.

Two delightful letters on Wednesday. Caryn and Debbie brightened a day that needed some brightening. Thank you ladies.

Postcards. I have a pinboard in my room which I display all of my postcards on. It is filling up and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

Just this afternoon I opened up a letter from my penpal, Jen. She surprised me with some tea which will be lovely I'm sure. I'll drink one when I pen her a letter sometime this weekend.

The biggest mail surprise this week was from Debbie. I feel very lucky indeed to have such a lovely friend to put a parcel together with me in mind. I met Debbie last year when we were Christmas card swap partners and I hope we can meet in real life sometime over the UK summer.

I have a number of penfriends. Some write regularly and some less so but all are equally special. I treasure all of those friendships just like I do friends I see in person. And my blogging friends too of course.

Letter related but not a letter. I borrowed this book from my library based solely on the title. I'm glad I did. I really enjoyed it and although I am not searching for a way to live an artistic life, the idea the author employed of writing 3 pages a day in a journal has ticked a box for me. I'm giving it a go. The idea of painted letters does sound rather special too. Perhaps I will try it or more likely just order one for myself.

Thanks for visiting today.


Amy at love made my home said...

I think it is so lovely that you enjoy being a letter writer! I just rediscovered the joy of this myself and I can totally see why you like it so much! Lovely letters you have been receiving and sending this week. Thank you for joining Five On Friday, I hope you have a fun weekend! xx

riitta k said...

Pen pals and letters sound charming nowadays when everybody just sends impersonal emails :) I do believe they made your day!

mamasmercantile said...

It is so lovely to receive and send things in the post rather than email and picking up the phone. A lovely post.

Mereknits said...

Letters and cards in the mail are such a treat. If it makes you feel better I am very untech savvy.

Sharon Koole said...

What a wonderful lot of fun post you've received this week! I love postcards. Have a lot I have to sort through. I always collect them (and magnets) when I got visit places. Thanks for sharing!

Have a great week

Mac n' Janet said...

It's great to get mail, have one lovely 2nd cousin of my husband who writes the most beautiful letters, in calligraphy no less. At 85 she still travels the world sending us post cards from everywhere.

Coastal Ripples said...

Letters are a rarity for me these days. Usually a hastily written note at birthdays or Christmas . It is lovely that you still write and receive letters. Have a good weekend. B x

Lorrie said...

I rarely write letters any more, although I once wrote many of them regularly. We lived overseas before the advent of email, and letters were our way to communicate with home. My mother-in-law saved my letters for me and I occasionally read a few of them (there's a huge box) and relive those days when my children were young.
I added the Paris Letters book to my wish list. Great post.