Thursday, September 29, 2016

It's raining... again

It is raining today. Rain is usually the exception here not the usual but since we have been back from the UK (and while we were away apparently) it is the norm. Oh it is so lovely to have full tanks and dams and puddles so I am not ever going to complain about too much rain... ever. It is perfect weather for blog reading, writing letters, deep cleaning, craft. The options are limitless. It is also school holidays so I have a companion in whatever I decide to do. That's nice.

Well I think my birthday is finally finished for this year. Although it was on the 20th, I still received a card today and yesterday but I think that will be all for 2016. My son sent me up this sweet little planter. When it is dry I am going to pop outside and put a succulent in it. I think that will suit it best.

I did have some other birthday mail. Cards from the very lovely Joolz and Lisa. It is so nice to know that someone has thought of you. Thank you ladies, you brighten my days with your posts and my birthday in particular with the post you sent me.

 I have been quite lax with blogging and writing of late so I think I will spend a bit of this rainy day catching up on that front. It is a pastime that is dear to my heart but if you are not in the mood to sit and chat then the words don't flow and the letter just doesn't really work. You just can't force it.

Spring is here it really is. Just delayed and wet and cool but I'm sure the summer weather will come soon and with a vengeance.



doodles n daydreams said...

I'm pleased you are enjoying the rain and not experiencing the flooding some parts of the state have had :)
Belated happy birthday wishes to you.


Lisa said...

Is that spirea? Very pretty. I'm glad you're getting the moisture. We could use more, but it's supposed to rain tomorrow all day.

You're welcome for the birthday card, Tracy! :)

Anne said...

Happy belated birthday! I agree, rainy days are perfect for reading, crafting, and writing and also for watering the hay fields.:-)
Cute little planter from your son.
Thanks for visiting, ♥