Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunny Sunday

There were butterflies fluttering every which way today. What a pretty thing to behold but impossible to capture on film and I haven't got much of a clue videoing. I'm taking it as a sign that spring is springing again after we had our relapse back to winter weather the last couple of weeks.

It certainly is sunny outside and quite warm too. Every living thing seems to be busy.

It is still very much wet underfoot but that will dry off soon enough. I have so many seeds to sow and seedlings to plant out. Not sure if I should risk it or wait just a little longer.

Bird bath water (like water from the tap) tastes better than water from your own bowl apparently.



Lilbitbrit said...

My cat does the same thing, drinks out of the pond the water tub, and watering cans with water left in them. Enjoy your spring planting.

Janice said...

It certainly was nice to see the sun yesterday and feel warm, for a change, but today it is back to bleak winter here. So nice to see butterflies. We saw a pretty one in Hay yesterday, but it was too quick for me to photograph.

kiwikid said...

Beautiful bee and butterfly photos Tracy...had to goggle at the cat though!
We have tomatoes in and yesterday I planted some beans...nest week we are in for cold weather so I hope the do ok!! Good luck with your planting. Lavender honey would be amazing!