Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Away and Home

We had a quick weekend trip to visit family living in Wellington, NSW. Oh boy was it hot there. They have had rain recently so it is greener out west than I've seen it but not like home.

I'm still struggling with internet issues at home. I think it might be time to investigate how the local NBN is coming along. Last report from our provider was they were having teething issues. But hey they are having issues with the satellite too so it might be worth making the change. Then again I am thinking of taking the whole month of January off from online stuff.

The trip away was truly lovely but how nice to be home again.


I am said...

Hi Tracy its always nice to go away but so good to be back home,i would miss you if you didnt blog all January xx

kiwikid said...

Love that old bulding in your first photo Tracy, it is always interesting to go away but great to be back home again. That gladioli is a beautiful colour, love the poppies too, I must remember to plant some here next year,

collettakay said...

It is getting hot there and getting colder and colder here! Enjoy :)

I hope you can stop by and consider joining in the 2017 PenPal sign-ups:


Joolz said...

I'm scared to swap over to the NBN. We should have great coverage as we have one of the little green boxes just up the road about 500 metres from our house. It's the changing phone and internet plans that I hate. We really need to get a new smart TV so we can have Netflix and Foxtel - something I've been avoiding. My girls laugh every time I buy a new DVD and scoff at all the great movies they watch for their $10/month fee. That makes me feel old!
I guess I'll have to bite the bullet soon before they turn off the old network altogether.
Lovely that you got to visit family, its always nice.

Cheers - Joolz xx