Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Odd weather

I think by this time of the year a lot of us Aussies are whinging about the heat and the dry. Not this year. It is cold and wet. Cold enough this morning to have the fire on. And wet enough to keep the tanks and dams topped up and not much need to water the garden either. I'm loving it really. Even if the summer vegetables are behind compared to other years, they will catch up when the heat kicks in. 

I have my share of zemblanity but in a moment of serendipity on the weekend, I found the box of flower and herb seeds that I had stored safely away months ago. Of course I should have known they were in a lunch box on the floor of the shed. That is the best place to store anything. Right? 😕 And look at that, I found the emoticons and other symbols that blogger has provided us with. 🎕

Gold Medal

I wish I could say all of my roses looked as pretty as this one but nope. The wind and rain is giving them a hard time.
Hope rose looking hopeless

Mostly they look like this one. All ragged and sad. Dead heading is on the to-do list sometime soon.

I have taken care of the root stock which was springing forth from some of the grafted roses. I guess it is kind of pretty in a way. It fights back with plenty of scratches for my trouble.

I'm feeling quite disorganised at the moment. So many things to do and thoughts running through my mind. Insomnia is not helping that's for sure. Keep calm and carry on is the order of the day.

And just a picture of one of my drakes. I need to find a nice home/ homes for two young drakes. It seems that not many people want drakes. Ducks on the other hand are in demand. I would keep them all but too many drakes does not make for happy ducks. The fighting can be pretty fierce.

Ok. Work to do.


River said...

Blogger has emoticons??

I am said...

Hi Tracy love the beautiful colour of your drake and yes its such crazy weather,i think we have a couple of hot days coming soon,lol,i will look forward to them.We havent planted any vegies yet the ground is still too wet,hopefully soon xx

Janice said...

It certainly is crazy weather. We've had hot, cold, windy, frosts - you name it. We only one rose. We've planted a standard Peace rose. It's first bloom opened on the weekend and is looking a bit sad from all the winds. There are a couple of more buds so let's hope they get a better chance