Monday, November 7, 2016

Just a small break from my usual type of post today. My lovely friend Bekah posted today about her experience with a bully recently.  I'm sure most of us have had our own dealings with toxic people. I know I have.

In 2013 I deleted from my life some very toxic people and I haven't looked back. They know exactly who they are and in fact, they will read this because I see from my stat counter that they continue to read my blog. In fact they spend more time here than I do which is sad.

It has been my experience that people like that take joy from putting others down because deep down or even not so deep down, they are dissatisfied with their own lives. It is just plain nasty, envious and often narcissistic. If only they knew how kindness actually makes you more friends and true friends at that. Kindness sets off a chain reaction of goodness which can make your heart sing. Oh how much these nasty people miss.

Thanks for reading


I am said...

Hi Tracy yes i have been experiencing bullying as well its not a nice thing to happen,there are some terrible people out there and when you are not used to it ,it is a shock,i am so lucky that i have some awesome friends out there that have been there for me when i have needed them.
I am like you now and have deleted the toxic people out of my life and i am enjoying life with my true friends.
Good to see you are strong my friend ,bullying can really get a person down,they tend to pick on gentle people ,so united we stand against the bullies xx

Joolz said...

I hope your friend is okay and you too! xxx

Kimberley said...

I deleted by sister 3-4-5 years ago after she hit me on a Christmas Day. We have not talked to or seen each other since that moment. She is now back in the country and I'm doing well with the avoidance. it'll probably stay that way too. Life goes on and I do what makes me happy. This freaks people out, but oh well.
Good for you - keep up your stand!

kiwikid said...

I find it very sad that people feel they have to put someone else down and need to make unessary comments, sometimes I wonder why they feel the need. I have had out down comments from a so called friend for many years, have decided now it is her insecurities and do not need to be worried by it, I avoid her as much as possible now, so much better so have positive happy people in your life. It is interesting watching the stats on your vlog isnt it!! Bekah's post was inspiring and her photos beautiful. Such a beautiful positive person.