Sunday, November 13, 2016

Around the place this week.

Nothing doing

I have been busy offline. Nothing unusual about that, I am quite often busy and quite often I am busy doing nothing. A little bit of lovely mail came in this week and more letters were sent out. My sister sent me a Christmas advent card (she knows I love them) and I think she was (not really) disappointed that her card wasn't my first this year. I guess that means I should get busy writing my own. Have to write a list first of course.

My friend, Nadine, gave me a few plants a while ago. This one is flowering at last. It's such a pretty soft pink and these succulents are truly indestructible as long as they have some water.

Mulberries are ripening. It is the best crop of mulberries I've ever had. Well it will be if I can beat the birds and Hope.

Other things I have been up to this week. Drenching sheep. Shearing was on the to-do list but there have been storms and rain and wet sheep and shearing don't mix well.

Went for a day trip. I had something on order in a nearby town and it was ready to be picked up and it was a very good excuse to do some bush walking, buy some nice bread (wood fired ovens make a difference)and visit my favourite cafe.

As far as the storms go. There have been  three big ones this week. Two of which resulted in blackouts. And both blackouts at dinner time. I rely on electricity for cooking and last night I had the vegetables prepared and the stove on to cook rice. There was too much lightning around to cook on the barbeque so it was Vegemite sandwiches all round. Not too bad actually and the best bit, tonight's dinner is already prepared.

I have to say I am so grateful for the rain that we have had this spring. It makes all the difference to the garden and pastures. Summer won't be so bad this year no matter how hot it gets because the soil has moisture.

Now I truly have to do some stitching. Time is running out.


Chookyblue...... said...

Mulberry picking time here to....
The storms sure have kicked into great this week..... Power out one evening for us...

kiwikid said...

Your first photo is beautiful Tracy, love the roses. That succulent has a beautiful flower. Boy you have had a range of weather!! We seem to had missed all the recent bad stuff. Hope you got to do some sewing.

doodles n daydreams said...

You've certainly had a varied and interesting time lately. Glad you got the rain.


Lisa said...

I think your vegemite sandwich is our peanut butter and jelly. :D A reliable last resort! I am going to try and write soon, Tracy! xo

River said...

I love storms and never used to mind the blackouts, but now I have an electric stove and a blackout is so inconvenient.

Joolz said...

I must, must, must buy a mulberry tree and plant it in our back acreage! How dumb, we've been here 12 years and I could have been picking mulberries now if I'd planted one ages ago!
Oh the weather we have had! It blew and blew here on Saturday and Sunday, I am absolutely sick of it. The rain was going sideways. I nearly lost a standard rose but we saved it in time and restaked it. The weather is useless for wash days and its been so cold. I have got boots and leggings on today and it's mid November! We haven't used the air-con at all. I hate summer with a vengeance but I'd like to see a bit of it at least! I'm thinking, we'll get long weeks of 35C plus when it hits, Grrr! Haha, rant over! :)

Cheers - Joolz xx

I am said...

Hi Tracy wow lots happening at your place,there have been so many bad storms about ,the weather is going crazy,we are still in Winter down here,its crazy.
Love your garden pics,hope you have a wonderful evening my friend xx

Jeanette said...

The succulent flower is beautiful. Hugs,xx