Saturday, October 19, 2019


This drought seems like it will never end. It is dry as can be here. Rain clouds build up some days and empty in parts unknown, certainly not here. I have never seen it so dry and our creek has dried up. our cows and sheep are having daily feeding and watering and thankfully don't seem to be suffering for the dry conditions. 

What is suffering is the garden and orchard. The fruit trees are hanging in there (though the citrus look iffy on hot and windy days) with water coming from the washing machine grey water. It is that or nothing. I made the decision to not plant any summer vegetables because I can't water them. Hopefully we will have a break in the weather and it will be in time to get some tomatoes and such in the ground. We shall see.

There is of course hope. There are a lot of baby birds around. The resident magpies have a fledgling this year whereas last year their two attempts failed. There are quite a few  baby noisy miners this year and they are very noisy 😄. Plenty of birds to count in the Aussie Backyard Bird Count next week.

We've had a few echinda visitors lately too. Generally they aren't too friendly but this little one was happy to pose for the camera and wasn't bothered by us at all. He  has been taking care of the ants in the herb garden and under the house too. They are very cute indeed.

Back soon,
Tracy xo


Maria said...

it's so hard for you farmers with the drought , do hope you get some rain soon.
It is nice to see new life and the echinda is a very cute guy...
Enjoy your Backyard Bird Watching count . I also do it...

Janice said...

This drought seems relentless. I feel for you trying to keep your beloved garden hanging in there. I’m glad you found some positives with the bird life and your cute echidna visitor. I hope you let us know how many birds you spy in the bird count.

kiwikid said...

I hope you get some rain very soon, it is a shame you can't plant your vege garden. Lovely to see the baby birds around and the echidna is very cute. I usually do the bird count too, is a great opportunity to just sit and watch for a while.

Sheryl said...

Hi Tracy hope you get rain soon my friend ,i bet you miss your garden .have fun with your Aussie Backyard bird count.
Take care my friend xx

Tania said...

We are in need of rain too, it is so dry. At the moment my veggies are getting collected rainwater but it is getting low. I don't think I will grow veggies after Christmas because it is just too hot, and definitely not if we don't get any rain.

Hope the weather improves for you soon and you get bucket loads of rain to revive the soil.