Thursday, May 27, 2010

Biggest Morning Tea Month

For the past three years, my son has hosted a Biggest Morning Tea to raise funds for the Cancer Council. This year however we have done things a little differently. Instead of having only one big morning tea and collecting donations, we have made little donations ourselves every time we have had a special sit-down morning/afternoon tea together. So for the month of May, our donation box has been steadily filled.
This morning we had herb tea with some warm fudge friands. Usually I would use the espresso machine and make a cappuccino but the muffins are so rich and decadent that I thought a lighter beverage would be a healthier alternative.

I like to take a traditional approach and dust with icing sugar and have some fresh cream on the side. On the other hand, there is Hope who insists that I have what she calls spray cream (whipped cream in a can)in the house just for her consumption.
Bon appetit

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