Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baking Day

The fourth Tuesday of November is my local CWA cooking competition. I don't enter the baking usually but I might have a go next year. The kids have been entering since 2000 and usually have a little success. The reward though is definitely in the task for them. They have the fun of baking and any items not up to the exacting standards of the CWA, become dessert or a lunchbox treat.

This year Hope had to make meringues. Six snowy meringues that are meant to be about 4cm in diameter. We didn't measure them but we did taste some and they were winners in our house. A little whipped cream, some strawberries and mulberries on top and we had mini-pavlovas for dessert last night.
Grace had to make Rock Cakes. I'm not sure but I think the age groups may have been mixed up because the meringues were the more difficult recipe but had to be made by the younger children.

I don't attend the CWA meetings often as Tuesdays are busy for me with a lot of driving. I can however recommend membership to the organisation to any ladies out there who have contemplated joining. The title "Not All Tea and Scones" is right.



Out Back said...

Sounds like fun Tracy.

It is a shame that organisations like the CWA are dwindling and closing (they are in country SA anyway). Many younger women work nowadays so do not get the time to experience it. I always enjoyed myself when I went with mum to the meetings as a child.

Those meringues look nice!!Might just have to make some as I have oodles of eggs.

Have a great day!

joolzmac said...

Yes, I think our CWA is nearly defunct and down to about 6 elderly members. There just aren't any younger women joining. I guess it is a sign of the times - we are too busy to sit for hours socialising.

The meringues and rock cakes look great! Well done, kids!

Is there something you can make with the left over egg yolks? I usually give them to my cat!

Cheers - Joolz

Melody said...

Oh yum, these are my favourite kind of baking. Good old fashioned recipes that have stood the test of time.

Damo said...

They look great I'm very hungry now!