Monday, October 17, 2011

Garden Love

I always love my garden, it provides me with so much. Exercise, nourishment, fun and perhaps most importantly, joy. I am however not always in love with the garden. When the jobs to do seem a little overwhelming, it can become just another chore rather than my passion. Not right now though. There is plenty that needs to be done but it is wonderful to do. The weather is right, a little rain and sunny days. The plants are zooming along and I have the weeds under control (for now).

My favourite place to be is the herb garden and I will take some pictures to post soon. I am finding that because everything in the herb garden is so lush, I am working that little bit extra to incorporate it into our meals. I have had to do some culling in the herb beds though and have been left with some empty spaces. I have used some volunteer plants- lavenders, oregano, parsley and southernwood to fill some gaps but there is so much room for new and interesting plantings. On my trip to town tomorrow morning I am going to make time for a visit to the nursery and a visit online to All Rare Herbs too.



Phoebe said...

Its such a great time to be in the garden! I feel the same way, I love being in the garden, but sometimes the amount of work is indeed overwhelming!

Kim said...

I am finding walking past the garden with another job in mind, just torture. All I want to do it dig and plant and pick . There has been many a basket of washing ready to hang out tossed aside for a wander in the vege patch this week!

Lisa said...

To have weeds under control is an amazing thing to me, and I don't have a farm! :)

Kimmie said...

Always love stopping by your blog :]