Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Turkeys today

Vickie the mother turkey is the most patient and dedicated broody, she can rival any bantam. Last year she hatched out two clutches of eggs in the season and as it is so early in the season, I think she will this year too. So far we have six baby turkeys which she introduced to the outside world today. They only stay cute for a few weeks and I am guessing that they will be a hit with the girls at Grace's birthday party.



Kimmie said...

What cuties!

Vickie said...

they all look cute..BUT..what do you do with them? Cheers Vickie

Kim said...

Fascinating , I have never seen baby turkeys before! One of the things that captured me when I first visited your blog was the photo of the turkey is just like the one my grandma used to have!

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Wow, what a great mother turkey. Ours used to be so clumsy with the young chicks.

What colours do you think they will be?