Sunday, October 23, 2011


Further to my ramblings about garden love, it appears that I was a little hasty with my professions of weed control. The main rose garden was in danger of being overrun by the oats that had sprung up from the mulch.

It is now in better shape with the weeds removed and the chooks moving in to help with the clean up. I can now see the gorgeous blooms and pick some too without having to wade through the grass. Right now, Graham Thomas and Seduction are at their best with a few other varieties just about ready to take over as they start to fade.

Saturday was hive day. We installed the swarm we caught in the newly painted pink hive and also took some frames from the established hives for extraction. Not the frame above, not enough of the cells were capped but it does look lovely. There are a lot of eucalypts in flower right now and the bees have an abundance of honey and plenty of time to make more for both us and them.



Lisa said...

Graham Thomas is a beautiful rose - I've seen it so often in the catalogs.

Joyfulhomemaker said...

oohh the honey looks yum

Kimmie said...

Weeds are a pain eh!
Your honey looks divine :]

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Your bees look great, I've wanted a hive for years but with severe bee allergy have held back. Do they ever sting you despite best efforts?

Kim said...

You lucky thing, having your very own honey! I have had oats come up from mulch hay too...but it is okay if it comes up in the vege is a great green manure crop.