Sunday, April 1, 2012

Welcome April

The days are stunningly warm and sunny and the only complaint that could be made is that just a little bit of rain would be nice. The sun still has a bit of bite in it but it is just so pleasant to be outside that I could easily forget about inside chores altogether. Which doesn't make much sense if I neglect to cook the things I grow just because I am enjoying the growing and tending so much. The crockpot and quick stir fry dinners balance it out, plenty of time in the outdoors with a nourishing homegrown and homecooked meal at the end of the day. The nights are just as lovely with their brisk autumn coolness. Although I enjoy daylight savings time during the summer especially during the school holidays, it really is time to change the clocks and enjoy the earlier arrival of nightfall.

The ewes have been moved to fresh pasture on our twenty acre block up the road. I have to walk them half a kilometre up the road and at first they follow me because they know that I am the source of all sheep snacks. However when they realise where they are heading, they take off and I can only keep up with the stragglers. Thankfully they know the way and always turn in at the open gate. You see, sheep really are clever or at least more clever than they are given credit for.



Joolzmac said...

I have never known a clever sheep. That is all...

Lisa said...

Tracy, I just love your "view" photos - you seem to have such a pretty landscape!

I like the sheep photo, too - are they really smarter than people think? (I bought my Australian lamb chops for Easter dinner already)

africanaussie said...

Oh I loved the photo of you walking the sheep off down the road to greener pasture. I am also enjoying a bit of respite from the rain.

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Yeah, I would have to agree, that photo is just so hmmm "country".

I know people who would love to be in a picture like that.

Happy Easter!

Kim said...

I have been enjoying all your beautiful posts, Tracy...but I was totally captivated by the photo of you and sheep walking up the road. Now that is a photo that you should have in a frame.... just lovely. Our sheep aren't quiet that well behaved...our ram is a bit cantankerous...though they are improving .