Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday gardening etc

Gift of Grace

This to me is what Sunday gardening probably should look like. Smelling the roses and just a little bit of pottering about.

I did have to water today which is a nice Sunday/ restful type of activity. Standing about holding the hose is the best time for plotting and planning  and to notice anything that might need attention.

I noticed one rose... Grace... was sporting a few stems of root stock. Off they came. I water the roses with a bucket so it wasn't quite as leisurely experience as the other garden beds. Thankfully they don't require too much water.

I don't think of myself as much of a rose grower and definitely not a rosarian. I can understand how some people get caught up in their cultivation because they are pretty even if a little precious.

I take the rose growing approach of plant them, water when necessary and enjoy. A little compost and mulch and that's it. It's worked so far. Though possibly with more attention they would reward me with better/ more blooms. I can live with it.

Yin Yang beans

I couldn't let such a lovely day go past without popping something in the soil and so far I haven't planted any beans. All of my trellises are occupied with peas is my excuse but no more.

I found this small piece of lattice on the roadside a while ago and it looked sturdy enough for the Yin Yang beans which don't grow too tall anyway. So bean sowing has started.

Quilt sewing too. I'm making a picnic rug as a little gift for an old friend (who I hope likes purple) as part of a pay it forward. I also cut out the rest of my fat quarters for Zara's swap. I tell you it is tough to cut up those vintage sheets but it is as has been said before, the first cut that is the deepest.

I will love daylight savings by this time next week but right now I seem to have lost an hour somewhere or other and I am late getting dinner started.

Do you like the clock change? Forward or back?


Zara said...

Those are the prettiest bean seeds.
Cutting into vintage linens is always a bit of a struggle here too. I have a little collection that I couldn't possibly cut into still.
Looking forward to seeing the pretty FQs you send.

shez said...

just love your garden Tracy and yes i think i would have trouble also cutting into those vintage fabrics.
I love daylight savings we can get so much more done in daylight,have a wonderful day tracy.xx

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

so beautiful! I haven't tried roses yet but I'm considering adding a few. I know they can be a bit finicky but I do love them. :) I look forward to both sides of daylight savings because it reminds me it's time for the next season.

Lisa said...

We don't change ours for another month - I don't look forward to the darkness so early in the evening.

How nice that you are always looking to slip something new into your garden!

Joolz said...

Feeling very 'blaaagh' today. I didn't sleep well last night and have an upset tummy this afternoon (which is unusual for me). Can' wait for bedtime tonight.
I also like hand watering when necessary, good thinking time. I like DLS but yes, the first week is hard to get used to.

Cheers, Joolz

Merryn Galluccio said...

What beautiful flowers. I welcome the time change (in NSW) as I have been waking up far too early lately. Do you soak your yin yan beans before cooking? They are exceptionally pretty - do you treat them as a lima bean? I love your turkey too :D