Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmassy Weekend

We had a Christmassy weekend, shopping in town on Saturday including a visit and photo with Santa and on a whim a trip to the beach on Sunday. Since we have a birthday in our household on Christmas day, we have our festive meal before the 25th and I earmarked yesterday for that. Instead of cooking and cleaning up, I suggested a trip to the beach and it went down very well. No cleaning up except for the towels and swimsuits that need washing. I feel very wise today especially after a deep sleep last night. We left home at 5am and arrived back at 7:30pm and packed plenty into the day so everyone was exhausted.

The wind was quite fierce at the coast and the humidity there always surprises me. I am used to high temperatures but a dry heat, not the humidity. I would love to spend more time at the beach, I love swimming in the ocean, lazing about on the sand or going for a long walk. I suppose it is the fact that when I am at the beach, I don't have chores to do or lack of rain to worry about for a while. Just relax.

Lack of rain is something that is playing on my mind and the minds of plenty of others right now. Our water tanks are quite low and we really need some rain. No, we need a lot of rain and conditions in my parts aren't anywhere near as drastic as elsewhere. I can't begin to imagine how depressing and overwhelming the drought is in the places where there really has been no reprieve for years. So if I can have anything I want for a gift this year, it will be rain. Something that money can't buy and impossible to conjure or create. I'm an optimistic realist though so I hope for good conditions but make plans for them not happening.

Now I have to figure out how blogger dropped so many blogs off my reading list and readers list. I'm not optimistic  on this front.



africanaussie said...

We live close to the beach and that humidity is part of daily life. I do pray for rain for all you guys that need it so badly.

River said...

I'd love to live closer to the beach than I do.
Rain? Sadly, here in SA it is raining where we really don't need it. In the north of our state we have widespread flash flooding, cutting off several of the tracks to the outback.
Hope you get some rain soon.

Jan said...

I have just checked the composite radar rainfall. It goes up your way, but perhaps not far enough. I have friends down Gunning way, an approximation, and they too need rain.. The local carols service was just finishing when RFS members were called to a fire, so people are tired this morning.

shez said...

Hi Tracy it sounds like a wonderful day,I love the beach too,yes rain is needed badly in so many areas,yes that is a lovely wish for Xmas Tracy for lots of rain for the areas that need it,merry Xmas my friend to you and your lovely family xx

Tania said...

What a lovely beach to hang out on. Hope you had a nice break, a beach is the best place to forget about the troubles of the world.

It is very dry here at the moment. We are hoping to get some rain later this week, I am so over the heat. It has been hot for so long, I think we deserve a break lol! On the upside my garden is doing quite well considering.

Ah so that was a blogger glitch then? I couldn't figure out why 20 odd of my followers disappeared! Wonder where they went? Could they have been inactive blogs? Who knows!

Happy New Year to you and your family,