Saturday, October 29, 2016

A day in town

My youngest had a sleepover at a friend's house last night so I've had an extra trip to town this week. Actually I have had a couple with some 'urgent' school uniform problems which involved more dollars for clothing than I want to think about.

I had a nice tour around the garden centre this morning. It is so lovely at the moment with plenty of potted colour to please the eyes. I would love to give the Kangaroo Paws pictured above a try but I think the frosts we get would be too harsh. And they aren't cheap enough to experiment.

I would have liked to liberate a few of these lavenders from their pots but I probably do have enough. So all I bought was what I went in for, some potting mix. Restraint!!

The lavenders at home are blooming well. Just the right conditions this year.

I also had a good collection of books from the library this week. Cookbooks of course and the recipe for tonight's dinner is from Deliceux , an asparagus and goat's cheese tart. There is still enough asparagus in the garden to make a good meal every couple of days. Yum!

I have had the worst internet connection problems to date this week. I am at the library right now and very grateful for the free and fast connection there. I will try to do some commenting before I leave for home.

Friday, October 21, 2016


A couple of weeks ago I had a big surprise. A very early Christmas card. My lovely friend from Wales beat the rush and sent her cards by surface mail but I think it came in record time. And even better, the sweet little donkey on the front. I love donkeys.

An early bloom om my Chameleon rose. It usually flowers just in time for Grace's birthday but not this year. She is delaying her celebrations until she comes home. If it was me, I would just celebrate twice. Birthdays are very nice.

The Dutch iris however might not be early but a rather a little late. Still it is welcome any time. 

At this moment I am sitting in town using the lovely quick internet posting, liking and commenting while I can. Making hay while the sun shines I guess.

But it is time to do some shopping and head for home to cook dinner and do the afternoon chores. I'm looking forward to it.


Thursday, October 20, 2016


I have meant to post I really have. I just keep leaving it until too late in the day. After 1pm, the internet speed slows down for the peak period and I have little chance of doing anything online then especially if it involves uploading pictures.

I've also been writing more down with pen and paper rather than logging it online but I do like a picture to remind me of what has been going on. They are worth a thousand words after all and sometimes all that is needed to bring back a memory good or bad.

We had a day trip yesterday. I felt like it and there is a particular native plants nursery I like in a nearby town. And one of my favourite cafes too so that makes it even more worthwhile. Lovely spring weather on the tablelands too.

I checked out a few garden centres and came back with not only the native plants I wanted but also five more chilli plants. I hadn't seen these varieties around but no doubt next time I am in our local Bunnings they will be there too. I just hope they live up to the extreme heat ratings they state on the labels.

 Poppies have taken over too much of the vegetable garden. I just can't bring myself to pull them out but I am promising to be ruthless as they germinate next year. It's the only way to manage them. They are pretty though and the Flanders poppies are just starting to flower. The pink peony variety are little later to flower but showing lots of promising buds.

The lavenders are still the flower of the moment. And are abuzz. When I finish up here, I'm going to go and plant out another row of Avonview lavenders from the plants that have self sown in the paths. They're tiny but by this time next year, they will be earning their keep I'm sure.

Lots of mowing to do too, our ride-on mower has given up and according to expert and not so expert opinion, is not worth fixing.


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday Selections

Thanks to River for Sunday Selections. I am posting a few pictures that I have taken this week but haven't found anything to write about them. 

First up my little pet chicken, Chooky. She used to go by the name of Hawkie back before April 2014 but it seemed to stern for her. She is just our little Chooky who loves to be patted and carried about. Well I think she does. She never complains at least.

She is my garden helper most days. I give her grubs if I find any so I am her best friend.

Both sides of my archway are heavy with jasmine. Hopefully they will meet in the middle one day soon. I have been making the most of it while it is in bloom. Bringing some inside and enjoying it while I;m in the garden too.

Bees are really buzzing at the moment. Lavender is the choice of all the flowers today. I am still yet to master macro pictures with this camera but these are ok. Oh how I wish I didn't drop my other point and shoot camera because it was really good for close-up pictures. Oh well.

Thanks for visiting today.

Friday Night with Friends catch up

 I am a day late posting about Friday Night with Friends. Better than two days late or not at all I suppose.

I am quite the slacker really. I have so many craft projects in my mind and on my list of things I want to make but just don't make the effort to actually do anything. Well I got out my black, white and grey crocheted squares again and decided that's it, I am joining them together without any dilly-dallying. Anymore dilly-dallying. I received them as part of a swap ages ago and they have been a project that just doesn't get done, just moved around. You see, I don;;t like them all that much and the sizes are a bit... off. Well they are coming together ok.

 Puss likes them and she will love the blanket when it is finished too no doubt.

I am not very good at staying up in the evenings even if sewing is on the agenda so I have been continuing the joining together outside when I have a tea break from work. Favourite spot at the moment, anywhere near the jasmine. It's glorious.

Thanks for visiting. If you have time please click on over to have a look at what some of the other friends got up to on Friday night. Thanks Cheryll for hosting.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

I've been busy

When I am not being lazy I am usually busy. If not busy actually doing something then busy thinking of what I could or should be doing.

But weeding and mowing and working in general has kept me occupied and pleasantly tired at the end of the day.

 Sulphur-crested cockatoos have been having a merry time in my lemon trees. Happily they haven't found the mandarins.

 I'd been leaving the fruit on the trees and picking as needed but I've had to pick them all because I'm sure the menaces will be back to finish things off. A bowl of lemons on the table will look nice and I'm sure I'll use them even quicker if they are inside.

A couple of the rose bushes are starting to bloom. Seduction and the Knockout rose. The bushes are all very lush this spring because of all of the rain. I hope the blooms will be equally lovely as the verdant bushes.

Bees are happy to have the lavenders in bloom. Me too, they are really one of my favourite plants and flowers. Not enough lavender bushes in my garden to give me lavender honey though. I think I would need an acre or two of just lavenders for that. I'll work on it.

Cup of tea now and then back to work.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunny Sunday

There were butterflies fluttering every which way today. What a pretty thing to behold but impossible to capture on film and I haven't got much of a clue videoing. I'm taking it as a sign that spring is springing again after we had our relapse back to winter weather the last couple of weeks.

It certainly is sunny outside and quite warm too. Every living thing seems to be busy.

It is still very much wet underfoot but that will dry off soon enough. I have so many seeds to sow and seedlings to plant out. Not sure if I should risk it or wait just a little longer.

Bird bath water (like water from the tap) tastes better than water from your own bowl apparently.