Monday, March 31, 2014

Garden Share- April

I am joining in again with a group of gardeners from far and wide to share what's going on in our gardens in April. It is also a bit of a wrap of  what has been happening in March too. The Garden Share Collective is hosted by Lizzie and if you have a  moment or two then it is well worth a looksee.

By the looks of things, April is going to be a green month. We have had some decent rain during March, 83mm all up and most of that last week. It has been so refreshing for the soil and for the soul. The temperatures have been warm some days and quite cool others. Typical for this changeover time of the year. Maximum for March was 35.3degC and the minimum was 9.4degC both recorded on my veranda which is sheltered so garden temperatures would be both hotter and colder.

The temperatures must be just about right though because all of the summer vegetables are having an autumn flush and refusing to give up their spots in the patch.

I thought instead of showing the usual vegetable/ fruit/ herb garden pictures I would share some things that don't usually make it onto the blog. The front garden for example. Right now it could do with a good weed and a tidy up. It is looking a bit boring because it is just green, not many flowers to break up the monochrome.

Correa Dusky Bells

Correa alba
 In my native garden the Correas are in bloom. They are sweet. I thought the white one was a little drab but once I looked at the picture, I could see how lovely it actually is with its symmetry. I think I'll try to find a few other varieties to plant. They are low/ no maintenance and can be popped into small spaces that need something.

  • peas
  • snow peas
  • broad beans
  • turnip
  • radish
  • kohl rabi
  • lettuces
  • tatsoi
  • kale
  • mustard
  • brassicas
And probably a few other things but I'm working off memory.

  • limes
  • finger limes
  • herbs
  • leaves
  • tomatoes
  • corn
  • zucchini
  • capsicum
  • chillies
  • beans
  • the odd strawberry
  • cucumbers
  • eggplant
  • radish

Some of the recent rain came in via a mighty storm with wind and lightning and small hail. The wisteria didn't take too kindly to it and working out what to do with it is a job for April. Last month it was the jasmine that needed to be righted. I'm not sure this job will be as easy.


I don't think I've shared a picture of my sugarcane as yet. Well, here it is. I've gone so far against the trend of giving up sugar that I'm growing it in my backyard. Not that I will actually get any actual sugar from it. I just wanted to have a bit of fun and grow something different.

Things to do in April
  • plant some lavenders
  • fix up the wisteria
  • mow the grass
  • turn the compost
  • keep weeding
  • pull out spent summer plants as necessary
  • grow some microgreens and sprouts
  • have fun

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Feeling Special

Yesterday I had the sweetest surprise which has given me an extra big grin. The dear, sweet and lovely Fiona sent me a surprise parcel. Just because.
From Fiona

It is just the most perfect wall hanging for me. Birds, bees, snails, dragonflies and gardens. Perfect. Once again I am touched by the friendliness and the sincerity of the friends that I have made online via this blog. Some days, many in fact because of where I live, I don't see anyone other than Tim, Grace and Hope so my online friends are extra special. There is always at least one of them out there sharing a little bit of their lives. It's great and I'm grateful for it as I'm sure many others are.

Thanks Fiona. You have made me feel special.

"She who plants a garden plants happiness". I'm going to remember that when I am pulling up the weeds that are flourishing after the rain.

"Bees". I see them everyday. I like them a lot and believe me they aren't scary. This girl was so 'drunk' from this pumpkin flower I could have picked her up and she wouldn't have been upset.


Friday, March 28, 2014

While the sun is shining

I like gardening in the rain but not too much. Today has been mostly dry so I'm making the most of it and so is everyone else.

The moist ground is bringing all sorts of goodies to the surface. Or so I assume.

On the corn
 The bees are getting out amongst the good stuff not only in between showers but even when there is a little bit of drizzle.

On the buckwheat

And making a bee line for the corn.

The dahlias (and this is my very favourite- Lemon Snow) are in their prime. Just in time for our local show which I did not enter this year.

Soybean pods
And I just thought these soybeans looked a little cute and strange all rolled into one. The soybeans didn't perform as well as I would have liked but I'll try again next season.


Thursday, March 27, 2014


They are all think they are turkeys at least. One is not but she has no idea and it doesn't seem to bother them at all that Amanda looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and even waddles like a duck.
Funnily though the ducks don't even give her a second look so the turkey disguise is really working for her.

We treat our turkeys pretty well, they even get to play on the trampoline. I do draw the line at them flying onto the roof of the house though.

The chooks don't like too much rain but the ducks and turkeys relish it. Me too!

Monday, March 24, 2014

One of those days

No, not one of those days where things go wrong. That was Saturday when the washing machine leaked all over the laundry floor. One of those days that feels just right. 

Looking out the backdoor to mist and clouds and listening to the rain on the tin roof is just about perfect.

 It's been awhile since it has felt so cosy. Any recent rain we have had has been via storms or quick downpours but today it is that soaking rain. The kind that you want to hang around for a few days especially when you have been missing it.

What to do today then? I can think of loads of things. Once I finished outdoor jobs and had a quick walk down the street. I mean if you're working in the rain and getting wet then why not make the most of it and get saturated which I did. A shower then a day doing bits and pieces inside.

I made Zucchini Polpettes. Mine look pretty rubbish rustic compared to the ones in the recipe but hey, who cares? They taste FAB. Moreish even. It's the cheese.

And while in a River Cottage mood, I'm going to sit down and watch an episode or two while I make up some kits that came with some Mollie Makes magazines. See, I told you it was one of those days.

I'll just try to put it out of my mind that I have to go back out into the rain later to do the afternoon chores.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

On My Camera

I was slow to fall in love with digital photography  but now I love it. No film to waste so you can click a picture of anything and everything. No delay in finding out if the pictures actually were in focus and editing and organising is easy.
A few snaps that were on my camera today.

Trilby. Her horns are just starting to grow but are hiding under that rather unfortunate fringe.

 A burger. Now I didn't take this picture but I do know that this was Hope's lunch because I saw her making it. I didn't realise though that she had been exercising her food styling muscle. I love the olive on the skewer and the pepper decorating the plate. Too many recipe magazines and television cooking shows for this girl I think.

And a few letters waiting for tomorrow's mail one to the UK, one to Queensland and one of my favourites, an order to Diggers. I have a birthday card to send out too but I'm still undecided about what to pop in the envelope along with the card.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday 22/3

 Cattle and sheep have been drenched (wormed) and moved along to fresh pastures.
 And I think they were happy to do so. The recent rain has greened everything up nicely particularly in the rested paddocks.

Once they were in the gate it was heads down for eating. The paddock they had been in is one of worst. Dry and not a lot of good grass, mostly native grasses that they prefer not to eat. It needs some improvement to say the least. A rest, some good soaking rain and a little bit of organic material.

I also moved some plants from the I'm past my best table at the shops to happier ground. That is, my herb garden. Nothing wrong with the plants really but new stock needs the shelf space. I'm happy. I love  a bargain and three lavenders and a rosemary are very welcome.

And one day soon they can be fodder for my favourite bee. No, it isn't one of our honey bees. It's our native blue banded bee. We have quite a number of these visiting the garden and on occasion sleeping overnight in a fox fern which is on our veranda. They are cute and have a really nice buzz. Right now, they are making the most of the rosemary and the basil.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Doing all the same things I always do and not finding much that is noteworthy. Just blissfully ordinary. Feeding people, feeding animals, tending to gardens, cleaning, writing notes and letters and unfortunately not much happening on the creative front. I want that to change so I just have to stop procrastinating and actually make something.

I did do something worth mentioning on Saturday. I took a wee trip to Nundle to catch up with some very lovely ladies who blog. They were all busy stitching and I was not so I couldn't stay too long. And I was too forgetful to take photos. But it was truly lovely to meet some for the first time and to catch up with others I have met before. I am putting my name down for next year's Girls Day in the Country for sure.

 It really is a great network that we have here.

And in the meantime I will just keep on enjoying my ordinary life because to me it is rather special.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday 14/3

I didn't realise until I logged on here that I hadn't posted in over a week. I think I have just been in a quiet frame of mind. Doing this and that and being contemplative. Usually I don't watch the news or listen to it on the radio. All I see is the headlines that pop up on my yahoo page but the past week or so has just seemed to contain a lot of bad news both near and far. If I just shut my gate and ignore it then it isn't my problem but it won't make it go away or make the world a better place. So I stay positive, look for the silver lining and try to do my part in making things better even if it is a very small effort to make just one person's day brighter.
Some of the little things that brighten my day:
Rocket that I didn't need to plant. They sow themselves and grow just where they want to. There is never too much rocket in my house. If there was, the chooks or ducks would manage it.

 A new to me variety of cucumber. Mexican Sour  Gherkin cucumber. They are tiny and a little sour and just right.

An abundance of beans. The autumn weather has produced a flush of beans. While they were struggling a little in the heatwave conditions of summer, they are coming into their own right now. YUM.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Zucchini- yum

I'm busy doing this and that and using up loads of zucchini. Grating and storing in the freezer is just fine too but here are some links to recently used recipes.

Courgette and Cheese Loaf. This is really easy to make but I would not use the salt next time. I don't like salt so the cheese would be enough for me. I served it alongside a lasagne but I think it would be very nice with soup.

Chocolate and zucchini cake. This one is super moist and rich and extra delicious warm.

 Zucchini Soup. Not for everyone but I'm a fan.

Carrot and zucchini bake. Like a typical zucchini slice really. This one is a favourite.

Zucchini polpette are on my to make list. They have one of what seems to be the secret to a good zucchini dish- cheese so they must be good.

Zucchini burgers. Absolutely delicious.

Zucchini fritters which I'll post a recipe for another day. Although there are probably enough recipes out there already.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Day 1 of Autumn

Raining. Perfect!